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I am Chiara Callimaci, I’m Italian and I’m the founder of this site: a place where to find and download Italian regional and traditional recipes, professional didactic material about technical information on Italian olive oil, wine, cheese, cured meat, ice cream, bread, pasta, truffle and pizza.

It is truly my greatest desire to share with you all this “treasure” about Italian cuisine, dishes and products, food habits and customs, historical and geographical notes, made by professional Italian teachers and chefs.

With my great passion for high quality Italian food and wine and 10 years of experience at Professional Culinary School, I have created this web site to let you know, update and deepen your knowledge about Real Italian Recipes.

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Traditional Recipes

Here you can find the recipes and cuisine of Italian Regions so as you can be more familiar with Italian cooking in its foremost regional expressions: from the traditional rural dishes of Tuscany to fish preparations of the Adriatic; from the cheeses of Piedmont to the tortellini of Emilia Romagna; from the vegetable dishes of Puglia to the sweets of Sicily;from the cuisine of the Alpine valleys to that of the Mediterranean coast. Italy is a complex mosaic of history and products, dishes and traditions, scents and savors. Every “festa” is indeed a feast, which means a particular dish and a celebration of life. Enjoy and discover the real Italian dishes !

Single-topic Subjects

After listening my videos about historical and geographical introductions of Italian Regions, their environmental features, food and wine heritage and specialties you can download the short single-topic lessons with technical tasting’s information on Italian wine, olive oil, cured meats, cheese, truffle, pasta, pizza and chocolate to improve and deepen your skills and knowledge about them. If you are interested in particular high quality food products for you, your customers and Restaurants to let guests taste them, I can find for you the best producers in my Region. Please let me know and I will be happy to help you !

Food News

Here you find Food News, Cooking Articles, Food and Nutrition Facts and Stories and many other Italian products’s information.
Deep your culinary knowledge to better uderstand Italian food culture, habits and customs so as you can easier be inspired by our recipes and use them at home, in your Restaurant, for your family and friends. Italians are very proud of their cuisine and rightly so, for their food is renowned throughout the world. Italian cooking is still very regional with the different towns and regions having their own traditions and specialities.

Photo Gallery

All pictures you find in the Photo Gallery have been taken by me, by culinary students or by chefs, during our cooking lessons in the didactic kitchen at Culinary School.
Enjoy to find photos, with their recipes, in the Traditional Recipes page.


I’m the supplier and seller of the high quality olive oil and wine of my Region’s producers (Marche). I also organize a 2 days-event with the Italian olive oil producer, to promote abroad his products (oils and chocolate candies made with his organic oils) and to let people better know and undesrtand his oils, its nutritional parameters and benefits and to make together a short tasting course.

Italian Lessons

I also teach Italian Language Online (through Skype) for all levels: one-to-one lessons to suit your own requirements, you choose your own timetable and the length of your course. It is also possible to buy a package of hours and do them whenever you wish (es: once a week, twice a week or once a month).

Feel free to contact me.

Italian Tour

Would you like to visit my Region, Le Marche, tasting its typical food and wine products ?
Please visit the program of the  tour: ‘Taste of le Marche’: a 3-day journey of discovery through culinary flavours and artistic treasures of this region.
I’m looking forward to welcoming people who are passionate and knowledgeable about high quality Italian food and wine. I’m addicted to championing top quality local products, and to educating my guests about them.

Feel free to contact me.